Core Values and Code of Conduct


JCL understands that retaining the confidence of its employees, shareholders, customers and other stakeholders is very important to the growth of its business.

JCL’s Code of Ethics forms the foundation of how we conduct business and work together to achieve our goals. JCL is committed to achieving the highest level of ethical conduct and standards and we believe this is extremely important to the success of our Company.


JCL follows ethical and responsible business practices when conducting its operations.


To Our Employees:

To respect each other and to provide employees with a safe place to work, satisfying and rewarding employment, on-going professional development and an open team environment.

To Our Customers:

“Our mission is to serve clients in an innovative, cost-effective and transparent manner. Our clients are our partners in business.”

This means that we:

  • Put clients at the center of everything we do;
  • Interact with our clients in a fair, correct, transparent, professional and timely manner;
  • Develop effective solutions an.d services for our clients;

Ensure that any information entrusted to us by our Clients is kept confidential, except when disclosure is authorized by them or required by applicable laws, rules or regulations. Even internally, this information will be shared strictly on a “need to know basis”.

To Our Suppliers:

Create long-term supply chain relationships to ensure continued product and service excellence. We always try to build confidence, reliability and trust by ensuring fulfillment of our commitments with suppliers and service providers.

To Our Shareholders:

To steward our resources in a manner that will provide a very attractive return on investment.

Health, Safety, Environment & Community

The Company is committed to promoting and providing a safe working environment for all employees and to complying with all applicable environmental regulations. JCL takes a proactive approach to health, safety and environmental matters. We also actively participate in contributing to the betterment of society. To the extent practical, JCL will be involved in community, education or donations programs.

Compliance with the laws of Country

We always confine to the prevailing laws. Utmost care is taken by us to discharge all our legal responsibilities.

Internal Control and Financial Reporting

We have implemented a very sound and reliable internal control system in our organization, which is well understood by all of our employees and parties dealing with us.

Financial planning is a core activity of our system through which we ensure efficient and effective utilization of financial and human resources.

Financial reporting system employed by us is very effective and transparent is being relied upon by society at large.