Corporate Social Responsibiliy

The Company is cognizant of its social responsibility towards the nation. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company has contributed to different social segments with the objective of improving quality of life in the country. In this regard, the company works with many reputable organizations and NGOs in Pakistan. Some of social community initiatives that Naya Nazimabad is actively engaged in are:

Environment, Health and Safety
The company has designed its project with an energy efficient approach with minimum coolingand heating requirements in consideration of utilizing sunlight and natural wind. Extensive plantation has already been done around the project. Being a responsible corporate citizen, we are aware of our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment to our associates. We make every effort to eliminate workplace hazards and provide safe, healthy and comfortable working conditions for our employees. Our safety culture is founded on the premise that all injuries are preventable. To this end, we have established “zero accidents and zero injuries” as our goal. We pursue this goal through a culture of continuous improvement in which all incidents are reported and investigated, and the root causes are resolved. We believe that safety and health is a journey of continuous improvement and eternal diligence. We will continue to take steps to improve the safety and health of all our associates.

Adding value and Health & Care
The year 2020-21 has been very challenging all over the world due to COVID Pandemic.

Naya Nazimabad, with intention to provide best medical services to its community and adjoining neighbourhood, conducted several “Free Medical Camps” at its state of the art facility Ali Habib Medical Center.

In addition, Naya Nazimabad also established “COVID Vaccination Center” at Ali Habib Medical Center in collaboration with Government of Sindh – Ministry of Health. Thousands of people have been vaccinated so far with the vaccine provided by Sindh government.

In order to create awareness towards health and hygiene, Naya Nazimabad actively conducts seminars and workshops and different occasions.

Eco-friendly Environment
On the part of sustainable and eco-friendly environment, Naya Nazimabad has always been participating in plantation activities and campaigns.

In collaboration with National Form for Environment & Health, Naya Nazimabad has planted a sum of 5,000 tree on various occasions.

Sponsoring Sports Activities:
The Company pays special attention to sports facilities and for the purpose has developed International Standards Cricket, Football stadium and Basketball court. During the year the Company sponsored various tournaments at Naya Nazimabad as well as other venues to play its part in development of sports in the City. The Company also runs football and cricket academies at its premises for the youth of Karachi to engage in healthy activities. On the part of sustainable and eco-friendly environment, Naya Nazimabad has always been participating in plantation activities and campaigns.